Want to Earn More, Work Less & Help More People Without Burning Out?

Join Me At This 
November 2019
Expand your impact in the World and help more people without working any harder...

I will show you how to build your credibility within your industry, create a passive income, enjoy TRUE Financial Freedom and live the lifestyle you deserve...
Reservations close in... OR UNTIL SOLD OUT!
Limited numbers means more time for Maggie to connect personally - share your message, grow your business & expand your reach! 

8 to 10 November

9:00AM to 5.30PM daily 
Mantra Chatswood 
10 Brown St, Chatswood, 
New South Wales, 2067 

2 Seats Remain...

Exclusive invitation for Clinical Hypnotherapists, Psychologists, Counsellors, Coaches, Natural Therapies & Alternative Medicine Practitioners

Maggie Wilde - The Potentialist

10 time Award-Winning Author, Clinical Therapist, Publisher, Founder of C, P, R Brain Training Model & Wellness Industry Mentor
These 3 days together is about living a happy, confident life with pride knowing you are living your potential!
  • Your message making a difference
  • Credibility with a book, e-books,  online courses & products
  • You have so much to offer
  •  Earn 24/7 with online products that educate & inspire
  • Live your potential too!
  • It's never too late
  • Reach an audience who need your help
  • Enjoy Financial freedom
  •  Stop playing small
Who is the Wellness Business by Design Event For?
Psychologists in Private Practice Psychotherapists
Natural Therapists
Life Coaches & Personal
Development Mentors
NLP Practitioners
Exercise Physiologists & Practitioners of Physical Therapies
Naturopaths & Alternative Medicine Practitioners
Here's what others have to say about attending Maggie's events
Gerry Roberts - International Speaker & Publisher!
"If you get a chance to go to one of Maggie's seminars, or a chance to be coached by this lady, you will love it!"
Amanda Dounis - Psychotherapist
"It's exactly as Maggie said, you get more followers, you get more clients. This is exactly what has happened. I am so grateful I attended"
Fiona Muscat - Kinesiologist & Energy Healing
"Maggie's event has blown my mind, completely. Just go and do it, just do it!"
Juanita Barton - Clinical Hypnotherapist
"It has well and truly exceeded my expectations. Maggie goes above and beyond what you expect from this three days."
Jamina Tubbing - Clinical Hypnotherapist
"It is clear that this is a woman who walks her talk. Taking action is what Maggie is all about. I left with the exact steps to take next. Highly recommended "
Brett Cameron - Cameron Hypnotics & SEO of NSW AHA
"In all my years as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, this was the best workshop I have ever attended. Maggie's generosity and content was amazing."
You Will Leave Our 3-Day Event With: 
  • ​Certainty that you can have a business that provides the lifestyle you want
  • ​Anticipation of great things to come for you and your business
  • Relief to have a structure that makes content creation easy
  • ​Simple systems that make using social media easier
  • ​Freedom that comes with knowing “the how and the who”
  • ​How to build an audience from scratch
  • ​Exact steps to earn automated income 24/7 digital products that help people
  • Knowing the system to organise your thoughts, wisdom & genius into products that  positively impact people
  • ​Time saving strategies that help you get things done without the overwhelm
  • ​A genius plan to make more money without burning out
  • ​Support knowing you’re not alone
  • ​Inspiration and ideas for social media content & audience building
  • ​Confidence to bring your personality and genius to your audience on social media
  • ​Maggie’s insider secrets on building your profile and credibility
  • ​Lifechanging ‘aha’s that reset your mindset for success


What Really Happens in Our 72 Hours Together?

Step One:
We take a look at your business with fresh eyes & guide you through a simple process to DESIGN YOUR IDEAL BUSINESS that will support the financial, emotional & physical lifestyle you want. 

Step Two:
Maggie shows you how to get your expertise, skills, & genius out of your head & structure it into a world-class book, e-books, content, lead magnets and more...

Step Three:
You'll discover how to gain instant credibility to build an audience & grow. The most productive day you've EVER spent on your business and it's even more exciting on day 2
Step One:
On day one we explored using books & content as a foundation to build a business to meet your needs. Now we discover ways to convert that into a money-making machine.
Step Two:
You'll learn the automated money-making strategies Maggie uses to convert her content to products. She'll show you how to tailor that to your business to ensure you get what you want.

Step Three:
Enjoy the freedom to package & deliver your genius & help more people without burning out or compromising on your lifestyle.

Step One:
Maggie shares her step-by-step social media formulas to build an audience & make more money. We cover Facebook & Linkedin, lead magnets & more!

Step Two:
Never forget the benefits of offline marketing! After being interviewed on TV & media 100's of times, Maggie shares her secrets to getting & making media work for you too!. 

Step Three:
Maggie's years of trial & error, testing, & measuring paid off. You get to reap the rewards. Build a WELLNESS business that helps more people, is lifestyle-friendly & very profitable!!
Here's all the details
When: 8-10 November, 2019 from 9am to 5.30pm each day
Where: Mantra Chatswood, 10 Brown St, Chatswood, Sydney, NSW, 2067
How Do I Book?
Any of the “Yes! Save My Seat” or registration buttons on this page will take you to the registration page. Please ensure the spelling of your name is correct as this is what will appear on your name tag. If you wish to bring a guest for free too, please complete a separate registration form for them too. After you click the “Submit” button for your registration, repeat the process and register your guest  and click “Submit” again for them.

Why is The Event Free?
I have been asked this question a bunch of times and I assume what people are really asking is:
“What’s the catch? Are you just going to hard-sell for 3 days?”
I guarantee I won’t do that! There are many reasons why I offer this event free:
  • ​Firstly, I believe in treating people the way I like to be treated. Now, I don't like 'hard-sell pitch-fest' events. I don't like being 'sold to' or 'pressured'. I like to check people out first, see if they walk their talk and get to know how they do business before I work with them. I assume you feel like that too!
  • ​Personally, I am an action taker, I get frustrated by workshops that offer theory with no actionable steps. So, I give loads of value and step-by-step formulas to get you moving for free. I believe this is a great way to start a relationship with you, which, to me, is the right way to do business.
  • I enjoy events that offer real value for precious time. I am renowned for exceeding my attendees expectations and I intend to ensure that happens in this event too. I see my job as giving you enough information without overwhelming you. Enough that allows you to implement and get results immediately.
  • ​I know that if you get great value from my event, and you like how I work, you may be interested in continuing to work with me after the event.
  • ​This is a small industry and word gets around. If you like this event and the way I work, you’ll have great things to say to others in the industry who might be in need of my services later.
  • ​If you don’t, that’s OK. You will still have so many valuable strategies to apply in your own time. I hopefully will have made a contribution to your life and a positive impact on your business.
  • ​If you had a great experience (whether you choose to work with me later or not) you’re likely to tell others about the experience. I find that treating others the way I like to be treated is a great way to grow long term relationships and a successful, sustainable business.
As seen in....
 I believe in you – it’s time for you to start believing you can too
It is my belief that we each have an immense untapped potential. We're all so busy helping others that we often forget to prioritise time to fulfill our needs and vision too!

There's always a system and this Event is mine. I have created what I call 'A Legacy Business'. A business that continues helping people & earning an income long after I leave the office, when I'm on holiday & will do so even after I've retired. When you know how to get your genius & wisdom out of your head & convert it into a world-class book, e-Books, lead generation tools and great social media content. When you know how to convert that content into online automated courses that earn income & help people 24/7, you get to create a business that offers your dream lifestyle too!

When you are being you - that’s when powerful, positive leaps forward happen!
Maggie Wilde has helped thousands of clients, workshop participants and Wellness Practitioners achieve massive desired outcomes.

Maggie is The Potentialist

Founder of Mind Potential Academy & Mind Design Centre, Maggie is a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, an NLP Master Practitioner, Brain Trainer and Confidence Coach. She teaches the Practitioner Level Certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy and many Specialist Practitioner courses. Maggie has operated numerous Therapy and Mentoring Centres throughout Queensland and Victoria, Australia for almost 20 years. She began educating audiences way back in 1988 during an Australian tour to inspire them to find a better version of themselves.

Maggie is an accomplished 10-time Award-Winning Author & Publisher. Her books, e-Books & Online Programs include Unzip the Fat Suit Using Your Mind, Success Attitude for Life, Money & You Brain Training, Living Well with Autoimmune, Wellness Business by Design and her most recent book & program: Mind Potential - Unleashed. Maggie has even featured alongside international greats such as Deepak Chopra & Dr. Wayne Dyer

What Others Say...
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Consumer Testimonials Disclaimer
As with any business-related program, your results using this training may vary from these consumer testimonials. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, daily use of the C P R Brain Training Strategies and willingness to allow the transformation and positive messages in plus a host of other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, nor are we responsible for your success or failure. Working with Maggie Wilde is not a “magic pill.” It takes time, effort, and dedication to the systems. We believe that we provide you a great toolbox to achieve your desired results.